uWatchIt 5.0

Create your own video surveillance system


  • Allows you to build your own security system
  • Easy to set up


  • Motion features only available on supported cameras

Very good

UWatchIt is designed as a platform to control several security cameras at the same time on a single screen. In addition to collecting the image of the cameras, if the cameras support it, it can even detect movement which automatically triggers the recording mode. If necessary, the program can be configured to send a message via e-mail or the latest transmittable images to an FTP server.

UWatchIt has four operating modes - real-time vision, vision and continuous recording. Vision and recording are designed for when it detects movement, and vision and recording sequences are used to edit video before the recording has been completed. This program allows any organisation to set up their own security system with minimal fuss. It's particularly useful for shop owners or home owners who want peace of mind while they are away.

This is a superb monitoring program that allows anyone to take security into their own hands.

uWatchIt supports the following formats

Compatible cameras:
- D-Link ( DCS 900
- Genius IPCam Secure IP network Camera
- Neu-Fusion (861, 700, 370, 230, 330)

Video monitoring software for internet and network IP cameras. Software motion detection and recording. Adjustable trigger level. Record for specified time prior to motion detection. Continue recording for specified time after motion has ended.

Recording is stored in compliant MPEG format, that is user configurable in terms of the video codec. This then allows the user to specify from uncompressed upto XVID highly compressed encoding.



uWatchIt 5.0

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